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Huatian Succesfully Acquired Quayquip Co.,Ltd

Time: 2019-04-10 Hits:

Tianjin Huatian Century Machining Co., Ltd was found in 2007, and devote ourselves to machining and manufacturing of non-standard precision parts of all sizes. We successfully acquired Tianjin Quayquip Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd in 2019 and expanded 8000 m2 of workshop area. Tianjin Quayquip Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd is a Sino-Dutch joint venture founded in 2014. More than 70 engineers are designing and manufacturing advanced products for customers all around the world. Tianjin Quayquip is devoted to high-end precision metal structure manufacturing, and cooperates with many world renown contractor on ports and quay facilities, wind power generation projects, municipal administration projects, heavy lifting/hoisting machines, river dredge projects, and offshore oil and gas equipments.

1. Messer CNC plasma cutting machine can produce over 1000 tons of material preparation. The range on plasma material preparation is 2mm-35mm and under 200mm using flame cutting on the equipment. Apart from material preparation, we have a 350t hydraulic press that can level steel plates at a 60mm maximum thickness. A 1000t Yawei CNC bending machine and a variety of high-end welding takes the welding capacity to over 600t. The workshop also has the area for assembling.

2. We have our own material testing lab, trained international welding engineers, and material inspector (they all have EN/ISO and ASTM Certification). We have profound experience on welding and material, and we can make sure our products have full traceability.

We will make great efforts with all of our customers and we will try our best to make everything perfect.